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Honey Processing Plant
Honey rocessing Plant

Honey being a biological substance and intended for food & pharmaceutical use needs greater attention in quality and its handling. The moisture content in honey plays an important role in deciding the quality of honey. Honey with more than 20% moisture are thinner in consistency. The moisture content in honey increases due to hygroscopic nature of honey in which the surrounding atmospheric moisture is absorbed by honey. If the moisture content is more than 20% the honey is liable to spoilage due to fermentation & granulation. Considering the present practice of collection, storage & handling of honey under uncontrolled conditions including climatic factors the honey needs processing, reduction of moisture & packing by utmost care to protect the valuable natural properties.

  • Water (Moisture) - 20%
  • Fructose (Levulose) - 37%
  • Glucose (Dextrose) - 34%
  • Sucrose (Non Reducing Sugar) - 5.0%
  • Total Ash (Minerals) - 0.25%
  • Acids Organic - 0.20%
  • Proteins, Amino Acids, etc. - 1.50%
  • Other ingredients including pollen grains - 1.05%
  • Liquification
  • Pre-Heating and Straining
  • Micro-filtration
  • Inactivation of Yeast Cells (Processing)
  • Vaccum Evaporation
  • Cooling of Honey
Comb Foundation Roller
Samanyu Comb Foundation Filter

This hand operated Comb Foundation Roller is an economic way to produce your own bee wax comb foundations. An essential beekeeping equipment for small and medium sized beekeepers.

Queen Excluder
Samanyu Queen Excluder

Precision spacing of wires that insures that each of our excluders has correct placement of each individual wire. Ready to give you years of dependable service.

Hive Tool
Beekeeping Hive Tools

Our hive tools are and made of high quality steel especially well suited to wooden hives. This die forged, heavy duty hive tool is great for separating supers and scraping frames. Used by many professional bee keepers through out India.

Queen Gate
Queens Gate

It is an instrument which protects Queen Bee from Sworm, so that it can not go out of it

Grafting Needle Set
Beekeeping Tools : Grafting Needle Set

Stainless steel grafting needle set. This is used to pick egg of Queen Bee and can be used to transfer queen bee to another frame.

Bee Hive (Single Chamber)

It is made of high quality wood with dimensions as per customers prefrence

Bee Veil
Samanyu Beekeeping Beeveil

It I a protective gear worn by the person dealing with taking out Honey. It’s a high quality cloth used to protect face from Bee. It can be made in white as well as off white color but can be customized as per customers demand and order.

Uncapping Knife
Samanyu Apiaries Bee keeping

It is used to cut the seal of Honey and is made up of stainless steel.

Honey Filter
Honey Filter

It is used to filter honey.

Bee Keeping Equipments

Bee Brush is used to clean bees from the frame. It has wooden handle with soft brushes. Perfect for cleaning bees from its comb.

Honey Extractor Machine
HIve Stand Honey Extractor

This a combination of an extractor, strainer and honey tank. Extremely practical for the small scale beekeeper with little space. This extractor is able to take almost any frame size. The extractor has holes in the bottom, so that honey can flow off easily through the filter screen.

Wax Sheet
Wax Sheets

Our wax sheet foundation provides a deeper cell and higher definition that encourages bees to work it faster. And that spells increased honey yields.


Stainless steel smokers with heat guard and insert for longer life and better smoke. Our smokers are very popular among beekeepers due to long burning time.

Queen Cage
Samanyu Apiaries Queen Bee Cage

Our queen cages are less work to prepare, cost less to ship, easy to place in hive, and have improved acceptance.

Queen Cell Protector

Cell protector made out of high quality brass. Protects against chewdown .

Frame Gripper

A helpful tool for removing frames from bee hives.


Gloves are used to protect your hands from getting bitten by Honey bees. These can be made of clothes or leather and varies in sizes from 10 inches to 16 inches.

Pollen Trap

It’s a trap used to collect pollen from the bees.